Monday, July 26, 2010

It's been awhile since I've updated this blog. Sorry for that, if you're a reader. Seems I can't remember all of the places I have to post, update, etc. This summer has been busy! Lunatique was at the Three Rivers Arts Festival with I Made It! Market, which was fun! Then two weekends ago, we were at the SouthSide Works Exposted market, again with I Made It! Market.

While these markets are fun, I find that they are too time consuming and not profitable at this point. When you're spending more money then you're making, it's time to do something different! So, I'm choosing to focus on my online presence and to have my items in a few local shops around Pittsburgh. This will allow me to continue with my craft, while accepting that as a busy mama of 4 I just can't get out there into the scene at this point and really make it happen. I'm cool with that!

So, look for me online: on Facebook, at my new website (which is not yet complete), and if you're local I will be found at "SoMe" ( and hopefully the "E-House" (where I was before). I'm excited to be offering my Rock Bottoms cloth diapers, again; in a new and improved style and as a one-size diaper.

Thanks for reading!