Thursday, June 18, 2009

Updates and New Happenings

Lunatique has been on hiatus for awhile, due to toddlers who don't appreciate my sitting at a sewing machine for more then 2 minutes at a time. :)

But, I'm back, and with lots of new things happening.

First, I'm excited to introduce "Little Lolies!" Little lolies are sweet, comfortable little dresses, inspired by the Lolita styles for the big girls....they are all one-of-a-kind and crafted from recycled tshirts just for your little girl! Here are some examples of what Little Lolies are in my shoppe right now:

I am also making adorable dolls that I will be stocking soon! If you go to my store (link in the title of this blog) you can see some examples of the dolls and even make a custom order for them!

I'm super excited to say I'm finally working to create herbal remedies for sale in my shoppe. I have partnered with a couple of wonderful women who will be working with me on this endeavor. We will be making salves, tinctures, oils, and more....all from organic herbs and other organic ingredients. We plan on working on this through the summer and hopefully having some up in the shoppe in the next month or so. Watch for it!

And, lastly, Lunatique will be adding to it's repetoire with some magickal items. I am currently working on charm bags which have been charged with energies and filled with ingredients and worked over for specific intentions and charms for the wearer. Look for more magical items in the months to come.

Busy busy! I'm so excited to turn my focus to Lunatique once again. I hope you'll stop by my facebook page and say hi, or drop me a note.

Blessed Be!!

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