Friday, September 28, 2007

Hi! Welcome to the blog for the online store, Lunatique ( I'm Donna, owner and artist. Lunatique is a online store based at HyenaCart (a collection of earth friendly shops). Most of my creations have some element of recycling to them. My cloth diapers are partially made with recycled tshirts. I create wool longies and covers from recycled 100% wool sweaters. I enjoy going to the thrift stores and seeing what I can bring back home to create items for my customers. Currently, I am having lots of fun making Rock Bottoms. These are AI2 cloth diapers (meaning, no cover is required and there is a snap-in soaker). The outers of Rock Bottoms are made from recycled band tshirts. This project has been a blast. Here is an example of a Rock Bottom diaper:

Pictured here are my fitted diapers, also crafted from recycled tshirts:

Creating with recycled wool sweaters has been fun, too. I've only just started doing these and want to keep every pair myself!

So, that's what Lunatique is up to right now. I will be stocking at each Full Moon (and probably sometime in between if I have time). Please stop by my shop and look around. And keep coming back here for updates and information on new products. I will also be posting surprise discount codes from time to time. Don't miss out!!!

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