Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Come see me at Granola Chicks

New products for the holidays stocking this Thursday at the Granola Chicks Ring!

Custom slots for the holidays opening up this Friday at Lunatique!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

STOCKING THIS FRIDAY at the FULL MOON!!! Don't miss out on all the new products! Previews are up right now!!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007


I'm pretty psyched because I found an environmentally friendly material to use for my wetbags. It's PEVA, which you can learn more about here. I'm pretty happy about it. I went and bought a shower curtain made from it, at IKEA, and will just cut it up for my wetbags. I'll get a BUNCH of them from one shower curtain. Yay, I'll feel so much better making products from this! I don't think it will work for my AI2 diapers, but I know I'll find something!

Friday, October 12, 2007

When I first started making diapers, I really didn't know a whole lot about PUL (polyurethane laminate). I thought it was great as far as being used for diaper covers, etc. Then I thought it would be cool to put a hidden layer in so that I could use recycled tshirts with bands or cool images on them and you wouldn't have to cover them up with a diaper cover. Around the same time, I started to see suggestions that PUL wasn't an environmentally friendly material and so started reading about it. I've been struggling with it ever since. Most of my mission is to create items that are cool, unique, well-made, functional, priced for the average shopper and environmentally friendly. I use as many recycled materials as possible. When I can't use recycled materials I try to use low-impact materials. Where I use the PUL most is in my Rock Bottom diapers which have become a big hit and on which I have just completed testing and was planning on offering the new and improved versions (with a hidden layer of PUL) this month.

I read some more info on PUL the other night and I just can't balance my use of this material with all of my other values and the way I try to live. So, I'm just not going to be able to use it anymore, in good conscious. I know this may lose me sales but it's more important to me that I not contribute to the production and sales of materials like PUL.

I think this is a positive thing, and hopefully my customers will see it as positive! I am still offering my Rock Bottoms (and other recycled tee diapers), as fitted diapers....this means they will also be lower priced which is a plus for the customer! I am researching some other materials that could be used as a hidden layer, in the same capacity as the PUL, without the environmental impact. The problem is whether those materials will be cost effective. I have found a friendly material to use in my wetbags so I'm really excited about that.

I feel really good about this and I think it will be a good move for Lunatique. Thanks for your support!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

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Friday, September 28, 2007

I'll be working hard this month to create items that will be stocked in my store on October 26th, the next Full Moon. Look for previews during the week of Oct. 22nd.

Coming next Full Moon (Oct. 26):

*More stripey recycled longies to wear by the fire this Autumn

*fitted LunaBums diapers: theme....harvest, farewell to the light, autumn

*NEW PRODUCT* Natural disinfectant spray in blue cobalt bottles w/ cloths....for all of those yucky public places that we don't want our family to touch!

*NEW PRODUCT* Mama's wetbags

*NEW PRODUCT* fitteds from non-recycled fabrics

*NEW PRODUCT* Recycled, reusable bags

*NEW PRODUCT* Stripey pants
I'm finally finished with all of the orders for testers from last week! 13 diapers in all!

Every time I finish one, I think, "these are so cool!" I have several favorites, now. This one is definitely one of them. The pic doesn't do it justice, but.....

I really like how the fitted Rock Bottoms came out, too. I hadn't done them in fitteds before but am now really digging them! The one diaper is the back of a Phish tshirt. Someone else got the front of it with the actual text "Phish" on it. I thought this one was a really cool graphic, though.

So, I'm done until next stocking! Maybe I'll actually make some diapers for my own baby!!
Lunatique is also a member of an awesome congo (a group of shops in one store together) on Hyenacart called THE GRANOLA CHICKS (http://www.hyenacart.com/GranolaChicks/). It's a great group of Work-At-Home-Mamas that all embrace a natural "crunchy" way of living/parenting.

The Granola Chicks can be found IRL at the Houston B.I.R.T.H. Fair (http://www.houbirth.org/) and Lunatique will be there too! Well, at least some of my items will be. I hope you Houston-area people will stop by the fair and look for the Granola Chicks booth! I will have a couple of my diapers there that will be in a drawing. Grab one of my business cards and contact me if there's anything you want/need....and, as always, be sure to visit my online store!

Have a great day!!!
Hi! Welcome to the blog for the online store, Lunatique (http://hyenacart.com/Lunatique/). I'm Donna, owner and artist. Lunatique is a online store based at HyenaCart (a collection of earth friendly shops). Most of my creations have some element of recycling to them. My cloth diapers are partially made with recycled tshirts. I create wool longies and covers from recycled 100% wool sweaters. I enjoy going to the thrift stores and seeing what I can bring back home to create items for my customers. Currently, I am having lots of fun making Rock Bottoms. These are AI2 cloth diapers (meaning, no cover is required and there is a snap-in soaker). The outers of Rock Bottoms are made from recycled band tshirts. This project has been a blast. Here is an example of a Rock Bottom diaper:

Pictured here are my fitted diapers, also crafted from recycled tshirts:

Creating with recycled wool sweaters has been fun, too. I've only just started doing these and want to keep every pair myself!

So, that's what Lunatique is up to right now. I will be stocking at each Full Moon (and probably sometime in between if I have time). Please stop by my shop and look around. And keep coming back here for updates and information on new products. I will also be posting surprise discount codes from time to time. Don't miss out!!!